Oh, hello there

Hello there. Welcome. I’m still Krystina. I’ve just taken the 2017 minimalist upgrade to let my true glory shine like a diamond. *Gina Linetti face*

This is my new place to showcase my work in all its many forms. I’m still adding things to it so keep checking back. We’re not calling it ‘work in progress’, we’re calling it ‘a constantly evolving digital organism that will bloom like a GM hybrid tree’.

Keep an eye on this blog for things I’m making, whether it’s content or That Creative Stuff. And if you’d like to hire me to do some of those things for you – yes, please do that, I’d love to help.

Look forward to hearing from you. Until then, I hope you’ll be doing what I do: be more Gina.

Gina Linetti
Fox/via gallery.tinyletterapp.com (and Buzzfeed)

(Oh, and in case you’re wondering where the big blog’s gone – it’s getting a significantly bigger lick of paint and should be back soon under a separate guise.)