I am a writer of many faiths - copywriter, journalist, scriptwriter. I write things, is the gist.

I also do improv and occasionally film things. I don't have a lot of that here yet but, oh, trust me it's coming.

This website is my 'digital space' aka. personal blog, where I write about things I am doing and things I like. Occasionally I might get a bit sweary about them so, like, consider this fair warning. (Sorry, Mum.)

Things I like: film, tellybox shows (especially funny ones and The West Wing), music, books, photography, art, clothes, food, travelling. And making my own funny things. And excellent middle eights.

Want to commission me to write something, send me things, or just say hello? Pop me an email.

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On leaving Twitter

A couple of months back I decided to consciously uncouple from my personal Twitter account.…

My improv debut

IMPROV. I DO IMPROV NOW. I, like, officially do it. Here is proof:   More…

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Hoopla Improv show – July 22nd (this Wednesday! Arrrrrrgh)

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A view I enjoyed the other night.

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Cuba, September 2014

In September I went to Cuba. Here are some of my photos from Cuba.


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Parks and Recreation  - 'One Last Ride'

On Parks and Recreation, and laughs with love

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On my ‘creative writing’ and music

So, for starters: the blog’s been neglected because I’ve turned my attention more towards scriptwriting…