I am a writer of many faiths - copywriter, journalist, scriptwriter. I write things, is the gist.

I also do improv and occasionally film things. I don't have a lot of that here yet but, oh, trust me it's coming.

This website is my 'digital space' aka. personal blog, where I write about things I am doing and things I like. Occasionally I might get a bit sweary about them so, like, consider this fair warning. (Sorry, Mum.)

Things I like: film, tellybox shows (especially funny ones and The West Wing), music, books, photography, art, clothes, food, travelling. And making my own funny things. And excellent middle eights.

Want to commission me to write something, send me things, or just say hello? Pop me an email.

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Cuba, September 2014

In September I went to Cuba. Here are some of my photos from Cuba.


On how Tina Fey stole my idea*

*and why a. she didn’t and b. it doesn’t matter. Working that clickbait headline of…

Parks and Recreation  - 'One Last Ride'

On Parks and Recreation, and laughs with love

Warning: spoilers for season 7 of Parks and Recreation – and particularly the finale ‘One…

On my ‘creative writing’ and music

So, for starters: the blog’s been neglected because I’ve turned my attention more towards scriptwriting…

Independently cross eyebrows

Capaldi!Who and Deep Breath, then.  Few things: – It’s interesting, isn’t it, that if a…

On Robin Williams

I’ve found myself thinking a lot about What Dreams May Come today. It’s not usually…

More snippets of things

Well, a snippet. (Instagram) More totally gratuitous and out-of-context snippets hurrah!

I’ll miss him

So this cartoon appeared on the New Yorker website yesterday.  A pretty note-perfect description of…

Comedy meltdown

Last night Teri and I went to the Comedy Cafe Theatre’s New Acts night to…