I am a writer and thespy person who makes things with words.

This website is my 'digital space' aka. personal blog, where I write about things I am doing and things I like.

Things I like: film, tellybox shows (especially funny ones and The West Wing), music, books, travelling, photography, art, clothes, food, and excellent middle eights.

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Angkor Wat

Cambodia in 3 days: a cautionary tale

Can you do the highlights of Cambodia in 3 days? If we define ‘the highlights’…

Mui Ne 2015 - 22

Photos from Mui Ne

Photos from Mui Ne, Vietnam, September 2015.

St. Lucia – Dancing on Glass

St. Lucia – Dancing on Glass

St. Lucia​ are back! I love St. Lucia. Here is a video by them for…

Me, on a motorbike, on an island, in south-east Asia. What.

Vietnam is coming.

I went to Vietnam in September. I will be writing about it and posting photos. Here is one.



I have to admit I didn’t really watch Sesame Street much growing up. I have…

On leaving Twitter

A couple of months back I decided to consciously uncouple from my personal Twitter account.…