Not being funny right but who exactly is Krystina Nellis?

That is a very good question.

I live in London and have done this for 10 years (…on and off a bit).

I am currently studying for an MA in Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media (…scriptwriting, basically) at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I write funnies and I cannot lie.

I’ve been writing since forever, and writing in public for about 5 years as a journalist, blogger, content producer, copywriter and general chatty person.

As you might expect from the ‘studying at one of the world’s best drama schools’ thing, I also love performing, specifically the ‘pretending to be other people’ part. I do bits and pieces of improv, mainly with Hoopla, and thesping, with anyone else who will have me.

Predictably I also love The Films, The Telly and The Music. Current faves: Daredevil, Humans, Sense8, Parks and Rec, The West Wing.

I like eating food. Lots of it. I may even make it every now and again.

I love travelling whenever I get an opportunity/excuse to do it. Having mainly travelled around Latin America to date, this year I diversified into southeast Asia and visited Vietnam and Cambodia.

I also like painting my hair silly colours. So there’s that.