About Me

Hi, I’m Krystina. Yup, with a ‘K’ and a ‘y’. Apparently it was supposed to be two ‘Y’s’ but the birth certificate registrar chose to save me from a lifetime of my name being spelled incorrectly. Ahem.


I’m a content producer, copywriter and journalist specialising in long-form editorial, with an emerging sideline in video and audio scripts. I’ve also done social media, community management, the odd radio ad and coordinating video content localisation for multiple territories.


I’m also a writer and performer, and have just finished my MA in Writing for Stage and Broadcast Media (…so ‘scriptwriting’, then) at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. My thing on that side is ‘funny but meaningful’, I think?


These two professional identities result in fewer existential meltdowns than you might think.


Things I like that involve none of the things listed above include travel, photography and eating. And, frequently, combining all three.