On Ladyhawke



This is Ladyhawke in a T-shirt bearing the name of her new album, Wild Things. This is proof that she is back.


If you disappeared after the first album because it all went a bit glum rock, come back! As you can see from the definitive yellowness of aforementioned T-shirt, it’s all upbeat again. ‘Sweet Fascination’ and ‘A Love Song’ are a return to the sunny synthpop of Ladyhawke’s debut, maybe not with quite as much bombast but in its place a really lovely chilled pop vibe that offsets the happy-but-still-reality feel of the lyrics. It all bodes well for Wild Things, coming out in June.


I’m really happy Ladyhawke’s back for one quite personal reason, too. As you’ll know if you look elsewhere on this blog, I was recently diagnosed with autism – specifically, the Asperger Syndrome variant that Ladyhawke also has. She, like me, was diagnosed late, which is still depressingly much too common for women on the spectrum. In fact, if I’d not read an interview which discussed Ladyhawke’s own diagnosis back in 2008, I would never have known that her ‘quirks’ were much like my own quirks, and had a name. I’d probably still be walking around without a clue now.


The thing I’ve always admired about Ladyhawke is that she talks about having AS honestly, in terms of the shitty things that happen when ASCs meet real life (social situations are… hilarious), but more importantly in terms of the things it helps her do better than anybody else. I feel like there’s still a big tendency, even in ’supportive’ mainstream media, to paint people with autism just as victims or dickheads, which does everybody a massive disservice and makes people fear us unreasonably. Like, I’m literally just a daft girl who lives in her highly organised notebooks, needs help reading faces sometimes and would literally destroy any Disney princess in a people-pleasing fight. We’re just people, not a label (and the meaning people attach to the label seems to be mostly wrong anyway).  I’m really happy there’s at least one person in the public eye who talks about AS as a real thing, but not just something to be eliminated, as something that can be positive too. Which is exactly the same way I look at it.


So: yay! Ladyhawke’s back. Should be a good summer for music.


Also: top cartoon fun in the two lyric videos. ♥️



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