St. Lucia – Dancing on Glass

St. Lucia​ are back! I love St. Lucia. Here is a video by them for their new song ‘Dancing on Glass’. It is St. Lucia and you cannot go wrong with this, therefore you should listen and watch. This video involves geometric costuming from the 1980s, a wall of posters that still has nothing on me and my Friends love… Read more →


I have to admit I didn’t really watch Sesame Street much growing up. I have no idea why – I liked The Muppets, and I LOVED Fraggle Rock (my poor parents, having to listen to that theme song all the long day as I imagine I subjected them to) – but Sesame Street didn’t much do it for me. Now,… Read more →

On leaving Twitter

A couple of months back I decided to consciously uncouple from my personal Twitter account. Yes I may well have turned into Gwyneth, but honestly, ‘conscious uncoupling’ is the best term for it. Twitter and I had become joined at the hip, like couples often are. It was impossible to imagine one without the other, as often happens with couples. Or,… Read more →