The boring disclaimers and legal things

Herein lies all the boring stuff that nobody wants to read (although you should) but which I have to publish on here anyway.


I do my best to listen to, watch or read everything, but I am but one lady and sometimes it might take me a while.  I can’t guarantee coverage – and any reviews will always be honest.

This being a personal blog, sometimes I’ll write about things I’m unavoidably biased about – but any such biases will always be made clear.  If I’m writing about something I’m working on, or that one of my friends is involved with, or that involves French muso boys, you’ll know about it.

You should also know that because of the non-blogging work I do, sometimes I might not be able to write about something if doing so will create a conflict of interest. Which nobody wants, if for no other reason than it’s icky.

If I like what you’re peddling, I’ll write about it – sound fair?

Boring legal stuff:
Any reproduced content is done so in good faith and under the ‘fair use’ principle for the purposes of analysis and criticism; where possible I’ve cited the original makers.  That said, if you have beef, please drop me an email and I’ll fix it.

All views expressed here are my own, unless otherwise stated.

Copyright in respect of all original content, including writing, photographs, video and any other original content that may appear on this website, is owned by Krystina Nellis.  All rights are reserved. Original content is not to be reproduced anywhere without express permission, including via hotlinking. Don’t do hotlinking. It’s not nice. Hotlinking sucks.

If you’d like to reproduce anything – yes including the photos – please drop me an email in the first instance.  Otherwise I reserve the right to come after you with a pitchfork.  ON FIRE. Etc.