Blog writing

Yeah yeah, I know. Everyone can write an ‘SEO optimised’ 500 word blog post stuffed with twenty different keywords. The problem with those keyword-stuffed posts? They’re usually pretty crap. And they’ll loiter around page 76 of the search engine rankings. Google got wise to the clickbait.


Blog writing – the proper kind – gets eyes on your site with a regular dose of well-written, engaging content. Gaining your audience’s trust that you actually know what you’re talking about. And, ultimately, convincing them to buy your product. That’s where I can help your business or clients. I take a genuine interest in your subject matter and use my journalism experience to craft content that your audience actually wants to read.


To be honest, if all you want is a keyword-stuffed blog post with shonky grammar and nonsensical contradictory info, I’m probably not your girl. But if you want a well-researched, well-written and informative blog post, let’s talk.


On one client’s blog I more than doubled the readership over 6 months… on an outdated, inherited platform that was effectively SEO-blocked (don’t ask). When your content’s great to begin with, it doesn’t need to be a tick-box exercise.


Need a blog copywriter? Give me a shout.