Video content has never been more popular. The demand for stories has never been greater. You need someone who knows how to tell ‘em.

Scriptwriting is a highly technical form of writing. A script that is tailored to the medium, the message, the story, is a script that works. It’s about more than just three act structure, saving cats or hero’s journeys.

Fortunately for you, I’ve been writing scripts since I was a teenager and have spent the past 2 years studying what makes good scripts great – both technically and creatively. As a creative scriptwriter I can develop, write and edit scripts for your video content, tailored to your company or client’s requirements.

My job’s not done when I hand over the script, either. I started out in production and pursue a strongly collaborative approach at all times. I can collaborate in the production of the script at all stages right up to the edit being locked.

Need a creative scriptwriter? Give me a shout.