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On Ladyhawke

LADYHAWKE’S BACK. HURRAH.   This is Ladyhawke in a T-shirt bearing the name of her new album, Wild Things. This is proof that she is back. If you disappeared after the first album because it all went a bit glum rock, come back! As you can see from the definitive yellowness of aforementioned T-shirt, it’s all upbeat again. ‘Sweet Fascination’… Read more →

On my ‘creative writing’ and music

So, for starters: the blog’s been neglected because I’ve turned my attention more towards scriptwriting of late, and between that and the copywriting (also writing, you may note) it doesn’t leave a whole lot of writing energy for this. Alas. I’m trying to figure some stuff out on that front, and will hopefully start posting things that tick both those… Read more →

Choons from my inbox (and elsewhere)

I haven’t had any proper time at all to do an update since I started my new job, moved back to London, spent several weeks living on my friends’ sofa, took a 3 hour exam in Spanish and then went to see a load of films at LFF.  I’ve achieved this year in the last 3 months, basically. So, here… Read more →

St. Lucia – ‘Elevate’

So fortunately, St. Lucia remains amazing after I discovered the EP earlier this year (a year after everybody else because that is just how I roll).  You actually don’t want to know how much I listened to ‘All Eyes On You’ the other day while trying to work out a creative ‘thing’ (IT HAPPENS SOMETIMES ALRIGHT?!), because to be perfectly… Read more →

Phoenix – ‘Trying To Be Cool’ video

This is getting to the point where I really need Phoenix to stop being amazing, because every time they are I write about it and it’s all very much on the verge of me sounding like a dappy fangirl. (I am a dappy fangirl. I’m just saying that I really don’t need any further encouragement in this matter.) ANYWAY. That… Read more →

Mutya Keisha Siobhan – ‘Flatline’

BLOODY HELL THIS IS AMAZING. The intro sounds like Foals and the verses sound a bit like Solange and the middle 8 is absolutely fucking enormous and WHY WAS THIS COMBO EVER ALLOWED TO DIE?! (Obvs it wouldn’t be anywhere near as ace if this combo hadn’t died and Sugababes hadn’t descended into a whole musical lady Russian Roulette ‘thing’,… Read more →

Eurovision: a guide to Pyro Budget Rules

It’s that time of year again. No, not that time I decide I have ‘sort of okay’ legs and proceed to denim shorts (although apparently yes, it is that time of year too as of next week’s hols). Oh no. It is Eurovision time. If you had the misfortune of following me on Twitter last night, having stayed off all… Read more →