Content producer in London. I am one. Hello!

I’m a content producer person in London. I have produced content, primarily long-form editorial, for… oooh, a good few companies now.

My style is never going to be dry. Or jargony: I once Hulked out when someone used the word ‘content’ in copy aimed at teenage girls. Yes I know I’m using it here. But you shouldn’t use it there.

Content should be fun to produce, because then it will be fun to read, watch or listen to.

Want to talk about how I can help you?  Drop me a line.


Here’s some companies I’ve written things for

Philips Lighting – The Future of Light – Edited and wrote the bulk of content on this thought leadership blog

IATA Flying 100 Campaign – several articles including ‘Taste the world’ and ‘Travel pods and the future of aviation’

Oral-B – printed ‘how-to’ guide to toothpaste. I discovered that toast crumbs were once used to clean teeth. That went in.

I also wrote social media copy for those pop stars you like. Yes, those ones.


As a journalist, I’ve written for

BBC News Online – articles about Hollywood heroines and films featuring death as a waiting room

Guardian Online – articles about TV and theatre

Drowned in Sound – loads of articles. Here’s my profile – check ’em out!


Ask me for more info and clippings. I’ll be adding more to the website soon!



My thing is editorial and content production, primarily for digital, borne mainly out of a misspent youth involving far too much time writing things on the internet. And also a misspent early adulthood involving far too much time writing things on the internet.

A bit further back in the time machine, my past (and some of my present) is in entertainment.  So if you need someone to help you with creative biographies, show programmes or just do some Twittering, I’m your lady.

Ways in which I can help you, regardless of the industry, include:

  • Content production – both copy and A/V content
  • Script-writing
  • Editorial, including tone-of-voice
  • Journalism (both independent and brand-focused)
  • Sub-editing
  • Proofreading


Things I can do that you’ll find useful

  • I write with humour and my own unique personality. Which is to say, I write with a personality
  • Write fun things, serious things, and everything in-between things, depending on what you need
  • My background within media and arts production means I know not only the value of good words that reflect your own voice, but have the mechanisms and experience to deliver it effectively
  • I can work independently, reliably and creatively, to a timeline that works for you


Nice things other people have said about me

“Tina is an experienced and enthusiastic copywriter, capable of turning her hand to any challenge that may crop up. [Focused] under pressure, reliable and with a naturally engaging written style she produces what’s needed when it’s needed across a number of key accounts.” – Alastair Sibley, Ketchum

“Krystina has written some fantastic pieces for Drowned in Sound, ranging from reviews of major releases to quickly turned around film reviews. All of her writing reveals a well researched and deep understanding of the subject matter which is met with her thoroughly entertaining commentary. She’s a terrific critic as well as a great human being.” – Sean Adams, Drowned in Sound

“Tina is a fantastic copy writer who is able to adopt various tones instantly. She works amazingly well under pressure and to a great standard whilst always bringing some humour. She is great to work with and her passion for writing and music is obvious.” – Bimpe Alliu, Immediate Future